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(Suka Wahine Dakota QimmiQ)

Wolf Spirit

The rivers splashing coldly,
The trees swaying in the winter breeze.
The wolves running boldly,
Cold water against their feet.
Their fur rippling in the wind,
Pups running at their mother's side,
With hope gleaming in their eyes.
Thier final destinaion,
Where God they meet,
Finally a place where they
Can be wild and free.
QimmiQ for ever in our Minds!
(Raven Thurston)

Algemene gegevens

Naam Suka Wahine Dakota QimmiQ (Teef)
Geb.datum 16 december 2004 (15:22 uur)
5 april 2007
Ras Alaskan Malamute
Afkomstig van Alaskan Malamute kennel Suka Wahine
Bijzonderheden De naam "Dakota QimmiQ" is afkomstig uit het Inuit en betekend "Vriend en sledehond".

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